Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sweet VS Sour crude oil

Most commonly used parameter(s) for hydrocarbon include the API Gravity and Sulphur content. Crude normally divided into two type which is SWEET crude and SOUR crude that reflects the percentage of  sulphur in the crude oil.

Generally used, sweet crude have less than 1% of sulphur BUT sour crude have more than 1% sulphur. According to Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling and Production by Norman J. Hyne [1], low-sulphur crude has less than 0.6% sulphur by weight, intermediate-sulphur crude has 0.6% - 1.7%, and high-sulphur crude has more than 1.7%.  

Higher sulphur crude oil are more corrosive, thus these sulphur contents need to be remove or reduced into certain level that permitted before going to the consumer. This make low-sulphur crude oil very high in demand in the sulphur content perspective. 

Early prospectors would taste and smell the crude oil for quality check [2], sweet crude oil has pleasant smell and soft sweet taste and vice versa. 

According to the ExxonMobil crude oil information [3], these are the top 5 of their crude oil production; Terengganu, East Peninsular Malaysia (0.00%) have the least content of sulphur followed by Ormen Lange, Norwegian Sea (0.00%), Sable Island, Canada (0.002%), Woollybutt, Australia (0.01%) and Tapis, East Peninsular Malaysia (0.04%).

Monday, May 20, 2013

CLEANING in progress

I will stop sharing any download links for any sort of files, thus my previous posts that included any download link(s) be taken down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But if have any inquiries or question, please forward it to TQVM 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to reduce battery consumption on Android

Just a short and conclusive post. 

1. Adjust Screen Setting
That's including the Brightness, and also Screen Timeout.
For Brightness, adjust it to your current environment lighting for example during the day, under the sun, or at        beach; until your eyes comfortable with it, its no use if use low-light but u can't read them. OR just set it to automatic brightness where the machine will automatically adjust the brightness according to the current ambient light it exposed to.

Screen timeout is also important, kindly adjust it's timeout accordingly, if you wanna use to reading books u maybe need a longer timeout (i.e 1 minute) or it will off the light but u still didn't finished the page. If u just use it for a normal use just set it to 15-30 secs, since it still not turned-off screen when u still using it (active).


2. Set hardware, software, apps when not in use

Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS; Kindly switch off when not in use. For Synchronization, the advice is it should not be set 'ON' when not in needed since it will running all the times and updating 24/7, just turn it ON and sync when needed. 

If you are in offshore or other places that have no phone line, or u don't want to be disturb. Just turn the phone to 'airplane mode', if not the machine will just still running the cellular mode even u are not using it. You can set to airplane mode by hold the power button, the option will pop-out.

Maybe you should not set all your apps to automatically update, the one that require constant updating should be set to manual update.

3. Limit background Application

In some android OS, you can set the background apps limit.


DON'T set the background process limit below 3 since it will reduce the machine efficiency. If you have the option 'Don't keep activities' just tick that, it will reduce some battery consumption. After done using your tab, or smartphones, just kill them by go to Active Applications tab, kill any unused application and clear the memory once in a while under the RAM tab.

4. Set *still wallpaper instead of *live wallpaper

Kindly note that live wallpaper drain your battery when it's in use just because its LIVE. Just have a suitable photo to make your wallpaper

5. Monitor battery usage once in a while

You can monitor all your battery usage from


If abnormal battery usage and application that use a lot of energy, its your call to remove it from your system or let it running.

Last but not the least, IF you want an even longer battery life but don't wanna set the setting, the advice is to buy 3310 NOKIA with torch light. haha. Have a good day guys.

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